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snarkfem's Journal

I can't believe you don't shut up.
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A completely pointless intarwebz community for snarking feminist, feminist_101, feminist_rage, anti_feminism, ontd_feminism and whatever else you feel like snarking.



01. Don't violate LJ TOS; it'll get us shut down and then we'll all feel bad.

02. You can be a member of any of the above communities. HOWEVER!!! If the community in question doesn't allow linking or reposting of locked entries (like feminist_rage, for example), respect their wishes. That stuff is just stupid that's gonna have to be kept under wraps.

03. We've got moderated membership. That means if one of the maintainers looks at your profile or journal and sees that you're in a whole bunch of drama/troll communities, or you're friends with known poopstirrers, or you have no mention at all of feminist/womanist/antisexist/social justice interests (or worse, you're actively disinterested in all that stuff), you will be denied entry. If there's an influx of membership requests after some drama goes down in another community, you will probably be denied membership. We like making fun of people who say ridiculous things, but we're not straight up buttholes, okay?

04. NO GRUDGE WANK. I'm sure everybody hates plenty of people. But this is not your boxing ring.

04. If you are snarked, remember the following:

- STAY CALM. There's probably a good reason why you got snarked. Review what you said.
- If you've reviewed what you said and can't find fault with it (and other people can't, either), then it's possible the poster is wrong. TAKE IT IN STRIDE.
- THIS IS NOT YOUR BOXING RING!!!! We cannot stress it enough. If you want to fight, take it outside (original thread, LJ Messages, mail, whatever). If it gets excessive, the mods will shut it down. We're not here to babysit you or coddle you. Get a life.

05. If you don't like the rules, GTFO. Make everybody's life easier.

To review: be respectful, be smart, and be funny. That's all we ask of you.
snarking lackwits